Not sure why i’m only discovering this song now, but this really affirms that His timing is so great. I needed to hear this right now. “YOU loved a people UNDESERVING" that should just be ONE reason why we should live our lives for Him. no excuses

40 days til camp LIVEFREE! - “saying yes”

brothers and sisters. we’re almost there! if you haven’t signed up for camp yet, because you’re unsure, just say yes! if you’re already a member and still discerning if you should serve for camp because you’ve been asked to, just say yes!

I said yes 8 years ago for my first youth camp. and continued to say yes when brothers and sisters, titos and titas, asked me to serve, share, and lead. It’s difficult to realize it while it’s happening, but every time you say yes to something centered in Christ, we open ourselves up to the infinite blessings that God already has for us. It’s really crazy how much he loves us, and how many blessings and good things he has in store for us. But, in order to receive those blessings, our relationship calls us to say yes to what He calls us to do for Him! how else are we to experience his grace and blessings if we don’t say yes? having been blessed with a very eye-opening first youth camp, being so privileged to serve in so many activities, and to lead alongside such inspirational people, has brought me to where i am today. my personal testimony is filled with yes-es and filled with so many great things.

God’s greatness WILL happen whether anybody likes it or not! there’s nothing we can do to stop or to slow down his awesomeness. if we are too hesitant to answer his call, or if we turn down His invitation altogether, we will miss out on the opportunity to be part of something that we know WILL be great because it will be lifted up to our Lord. many are called, but few are chosen. that is why service is a privilege. this is something so powerful and TRUE that my Godfather told me a few weeks ago when talking about my service in the CFC community.

so what are you waiting for? say yes already! Register for camp!


camp LIVE FREE forms and promo teaser will officially be released tomorrow afternoon! the online reg will be live as well! #LIVEFREE

Kari Jobe

such a beautiful voice that sings praises to Him. and i can attempt to sing her songs because they work in my vocal range and the piano parts aren’t too difficult hehe i’m inspired to record something now. even though i didn’t all summer and now that school’s starting i feel like it… whatevs. it’s in God’s time :P

is it enough?

being a brother, friend, son, and youth leader - had i been enough? no. This year it’s become clear that I’m nowhere near enough for the youth and my family and school but all i can do now, is give what i can to service, school and family and let God take care of my wants and needs.

attending YFC and SFC conferences, and attending two SHouTs this summer - is it enough? of course not! I’m so blessed to have been able to attend everything that i did but even more blessed to realize that there’s so much more i need to experience, and learn to bring me and my friends and family closer to Christ

this world will change, and eventually fade. we need to trust in our heavenly Father because he is omnipotent, and never changing. He is enough. this is what we forget at times and is where we fail. we need to trust in his providence in our lives.

if you’re feeling down, don’t give up because He loves us and His love is enough


Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother



I love How I Met Your Mother, but this comparison is really interesting. It’s essentially Friends for the current Generation.

Pretty interesting, no?

I love them both! Watching How I Met Your Mother is like watching new episodes of Friends. Everytime something happens, I always compare it to something that happened in Friends.


I’m excited for the lesson because its gotta be really great

"The protection for brothers is discernment. God would not lead you to a sister who would hurt you, unless that pain was supposed to teach you a lesson." - Erin Marie Gonzalez, Canada MV Shout 2012 


New Mighty Morphin’ Collector Toys coming in 2013! Including a Power Morpher!